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The main objectives of the association are:

  • To put new energy and motivate the research and development of the ophthalmology and vision sciences in the country of Spain, encouraging this through training activities, research and technology transfer. The goal is to create a highly competitive sector in the national and international range.
  • To promote the growth and competitiveness in the action field of the cluster and its partners, supporting the parteners development  in all the areas of their activity: market, solutions and technology, and professional.
  • To develop training and research activities in the field of ophtalmology and vision sciences
  • To achieve a strong business sector, able to compete in all kinds of markets.
  • To reach the complete internationalization of the sector.

The plan to achieve thie previously mentioned objectives is divided in certain improving areas:

1.Science and Technology Area:

  • To promote collaborative research among basic science centers and clinic centers.
  • To connect science with the needs of the national and international companies.
  • To develop a technology transfer service, specialized and global for the cluster agents in the national range.

2. Companies Area:  improving competitiveness

  • Ophthalmology industry development encouraging Science-Push projects.
  • Internationalization: identification of new markets

3. Sector environment:

  • To develop useful web tools
  • To improve marketing and communication
  • To promote the networking between the partners and the agents of the sector
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